Dear Members,

It is an honor to serve as the Channel Islands Chapter President in 2017.  When you stop and consider that I have been a member of our chapter since the early 90s, I am now one of the “old guard.”  It has been exciting to watch the chapter morph from 140 members when I joined, to currently, an astounding 640 members.  I have worked with four different executive directors and countless board members and volunteers in my tenure.  I am now serving my second term as President of the chapter.  Some years, I have been in the trenches, battling through tough times, and other years I have been fortunate to ride on the chapter’s coat tails.

Why do I have such appreciation for and loyalty to our chapter?

Simply put, it is the quality of our members.  Since I attended my first event, I have always felt welcomed and appreciated.  Our chapter’s culture is warm and inviting, and I see many of its members more as friends than business associates.  I am continually impressed by the chapter’s welcoming vibe when new members attend its events.  When I leave our events, I feel they were well worth my time and I appreciate the genuine connections I made with people that I’ve know for decades, as well as people I’ve met for the first time.  It’s fun for me, and I appreciate everything our volunteers, board members, and Executive Director, Leah Ross do to keep the ship moving steadily forward.

The chapter has maintained several continuous years of success and this year, the Chapter board’s goal is to ensure we continue to improve the value we provide to our members, while we work to maintain our chapter’s warm and inviting culture.  We are challenging ourselves to try new things with our events and we are committed to continually question our perception of what works.

The chapter will continue to educate our members on the value of CAI’s designations and promote the development of our members’ CAI credentials.  Our program designed to encourage and assist managers with their CMCA, AMS and PCAM certifications will be expanded.   We will continue to offer programs to our board member, homeowner and manager members at low or no cost.  And we will work with our business partners to ensure they better understand how to participate in the chapter for the benefit of building relationships with our membership.

I have encouraged our chapter board members to interact with the chapters’ members at events, and to “mine for information.”  We want your feedback and we value it!  Please be sure to let our board members know what is working well and what we can improve on.  I will continue to work with the board to evaluate our strategic objectives to ensure we continue to grow at a healthy, organic pace; and that we continue to maintain the value our programs and events bring to you, our members.

It is an honor to serve as your 2017 Chapter President.  I look forward to seeing you at the chapter’s events.

Your 2017 President,

Gordon Miller

2017 CAI-Channel Islands Chapter President